Santa's coming!!

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OH MAN!!! has this kitchen for $119 and then an extra 10$ off with code coupcab104
I think this may be our big Santa gift to the boys!

Big thanks to my fav couponing site, TOTALLY TARGET, for the deal idea!

I am 90% done with Christmas, and I HATE being done this early. Good thing most of my gifts are at my SIL's house, but it's still hard not to give them to them early!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Which means it's time for me to spend HOURS scouring deals across the internet. Yes, this is my favorite thing about Christmas...finding cheap deals. I dont even care if I need it, "hey that's cheap, let's get that"
I PROMISE I'm trying to be good this year!

Here's some good finds from today! (I promise I'm not spamming or affiliated with any of these companies...just a mom passing on some good deals!)

This Kidkraft kitchen set for 50% off, and free shipping with amazon prime. If you dont have amazon prime, you can sign up for Amazon Mom right now and get it for 3 months free. This is fabulous, since if you shop Amazon near Christmas time, you know there will be TONS of stuff you want 1 item at a time for under $25. And it's FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING. Seriously, this is my 3rd year being an Amazon Prime member, and it's worth EVERY cent.

Kiddraft kitchen set:

Another FAB deal today for a $9.99 Sonicare toothbrush!


Keep an eye out here for Amazon's Lightning deals in toys daily!


Happy end of weekend!

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While all of ya'll are so sad the weekend is over, the weekend never means anything to me. Since my husband works all the time, and I cannot remember the last time he had a weekend off, there's no such thing as Monday at my house. I won't lie, I'm a little bitter, can you tell? I can't stand to read things like "YAY it's Friday, cant wait for the weekend" and "spending time with the family this weekend" It seems like we NEVER get family time anymore :( It was not always like this. Before we had Landon, his work schedule was normal. But it's progressively gotten to where we just no longer see him. I know it could be MUCH MUCH worse, we are very thankful that he is home every night. I could not deal very well with that, and I sympathize for women with their husbands overseas, or traveling all the time.

ANYHOW, we spent the weekend cleaning (some) and knitting (lots) and playing (lots)

I finished the overalls! (pics were taken before the buttons were sewn on)

CUTE buttons by Tessa Ann!

And a girly sweater!

That's about it! I'm excited for Thanksgiving this week. Now I get to go do a ton of laundry! Happy end of the weekend :)


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This morning, my friend brought her kids over so she could go fight the crazies at TRU for some Christmas shopping! We had a great time, I thoroughly distracted them with electronic devices, while I played with the baby/kept him out of stuff, and knit 1 row of knitting! Those of you that knit and have small kids, know the art that is knitting with small kids
... knit 3 sts, get kid out of trash can, knit 10 more sts, keep kid from hitting other kid, knit 5 more sts, get kid out of cabinets, knit 2 rows...wait, the kid is being really quiet...find kid in pantry with flour all over the floor. Vow not to knit till kid is in bed...
Anyhow, here was my clever distraction tool! muahahaha

Then it was my fav time of the day..MAIL TIME!
I always drool all over my yarn mail, it's a bad habit. Today, there was LOTS of yarn waiting in my mailbox! Now I need to learn to knit even faster. I buy like a rabbit and knit like a turtle. It's a problem, I think. NAH
Here's what graced my house today


socks, I need more socks

A set I finished and it's out the door!

And some pictures of my little bit, Kellen. He wore some woolies yesterday I did not think would fit for a while! Maybe he's growing?!




And this one, it's going on my wall (yea right, if you've been to my house you know that I havent put pics on the wall since Andrew was a baby--bad bad bad)

New layout!

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Trying this out again! Need a place to put my work in progress :)

Well with the holiday coming up, I'm swamped with customs. I've also had a few random requests for photography, which I do not really do anymore, but I enjoy it when I do :)
Here's some recent work! Let's see how this shows up on the new layout

A custom I just sent out today

Some green pants I need to sew the shirt for:

And currently (among other things) on my needles:

My little helper today, rockin some woolies made as a gift for him!


Back to blogging

| Wednesday, December 23, 2009 | 38 comments |
I dont know how I let this get so far behind--oh yeah because I STINK at stuff like this!

Anyhow here's the last 4 months in a nutshell---me not being able to breathe, chasing two kids, getting to look like the size of a large tank. 35 more days to go! PHEW! I swear this is my hardest pregnancy BY FAR. There's really going to have to be some baby amnesia to talk me into that 4th one!

I am SO ready for Christmas to be over too--mainly because I'm SUPER excited to give the boys all the gifts we got them this year, and it sucks not having my dad here to share it with :( I know he'd be having a BLAST with them this year as they have grown up so much :(

Some recent pics I may not have shared in other places :)

Buncha goofballs

Landon's Christmas pants :)

pre haircut--it was getting a little long!

my 33 week belly--I need to take a new one!

Andrew getting in on the pic taking action LOL

A knit headband

and a newborn set :)

Coming of all of Kellen's cloth diapers! I cannot wait to hold my new little man!

18 months?! And some other updates!

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I cannot believe my little baby boy is 18 months old! He sure doesn't act it! LOL He still tumbles or runs into things when he walks, he's such SUCH a clutz. But he is talking like a maniac. Mostly just like a parrot when his brother says stuff. He amazes me every day, I so underestimate my children's intellegence. When other people say "Oh my child said a full sentence at 16 months he's a genious" I generally tend to underthink it. I guess it's a big accomplishment considering Andrew was nearly 2.5 before he said anything in a sentence you could understand. He IS very athletic also compared to Andrew, though Andrew is getting much better. He can certainly chunk a ball w/ a degree of accuracy that Andrew learned way later. He climbs on EVERYTHING too which Thank God, Andrew never did.
But under all that brute looking boy is a squishy little baby that loves his mama! He curls up with me on the couch in the afternoons and we watch Jacks Big Music show before his nap. he will turn around and give me kisses (all kisses are accompanied by a huge MUAH! LOL) and hugs and continue to sit there and watch his show and shake his tubby little body to the music LOL I adore him more every day.

Andrew starts school next week!! Bittersweet, though it will be nice to not have a 4 yr old up my butt 24/7, I will also miss it I'm sure! He's SUPER excited about it. He keeps counting down the days! I also signed him up for a fall baseball league that he's excited about also. He keeps telling me he gets to go play baseball with some friends. Baseball is a huge form of obsession lately. I need to get a video of it, but Andrew will bat and Landon will pitch him the ball! It's amazing. My own little baseball team. Now we need a little catcher...dont worry I'm cooking one for you guys! LOL

Anyhow, here's some pics from the past few---well MONTH since I updated last!

He's digging for gold!

Andrew being good at taking pics lately!

My big boy, 4 in just a few weeks :(

Rare moment of my kids looking at the camera

Landon modeling a cloth diaper

And a pair of knit pants I finished for a customer! I love the heart pocket, so I hope she does too! She also got a bracelet which I will take a pic of I promise, I made myself one too!

Also finished this top for a customer, and Landon is getting one w/ blue I love it too!



That's it! I have a Hello Kitty custom I'm almost finished with and a few diapers I need to take pictures of. I'm TRYING to wait to find out what it is, but I have tons of boy dipes cut out so if it's a girl she's going to have to get over it LOL